Even when you feel like you shouldn’t

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I have always wondered why people stay back in an unhealthy relationship. I mean, as an outside party I had found it dumb for people to stay in what to me is an abusive or toxic relationship. I could tell by how I get all tensed up and angry when I see its variations in movies. I sometimes ask myself “How could he be that dumb to still stay?”, “Can’t she see that she won’t find true happiness with him?” I even say in your heart “If it was me, I’d have ended that toxic relationship a long time ago.”…

The value of space and why we need it

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Growing up, I was quite confident in expressing myself in my thoughts and interests in things. Even in moments when I was embarrassed, I could still show up for myself in ways others would find difficult. I guess that’s how it feels when you’re a child. You have this innocence that makes you not scared of expressing yourself. If only we carried that as we grew older, or better still, as we become teenagers. What happens when we become teenagers?

Well, I can’t speak for all teenagers but myself when I was a teenager. I got into high school, and…

Or is the relationship doomed to always be weird?

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Who broke up with who? Why did the breakup happen? What was the reason for your relationship in the first place? The answers to these questions can actually determine whether you can be friends with your ex or not. Maybe the guy broke up with the girl for cheating. I don’t know anyone that still maintained a friendship after that, but it is highly unlikely for that to happen. Also what if you were both friends before you got into the relationship and then due to lack of understanding and communication, you decide to break up? There is still a…

Redefining what work means to you

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Do you remember when you were young and had everything all figured out? Yeah, like “when I grow up, I want to be a Medical Doctor.” You had that vision to be one because you probably watched Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior. Well, for me it’s different. After watching Bollywood’s epic movie - Taarzan: The Wonder Car - I was sure that I wanted to be an Automobile Engineer (you know, cos the protagonist was one) and told anyone who cared to listen. A few years later, I graduated from High School. And when teachers asked what I intend on…

Dedicated to my Mum

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I don’t know in what perspective you view the question of this article’s title, but I don’t think it is. Yet why do we see examples of people every day struggling to live? For them, it could be that the struggle and pain they experience make life worth living, which could pose a conundrum to my question. How can a life full of pain be worth living because of the pain? I write this piece in reflection of my Mum’s experience with pain and struggle.

My Mum is a wholesome woman. She is one of the strongest people I know…

5 things never to consider when making use of your money

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This piece was not written to police you on how you should make use of your money. In fact, you can spend your money how you want and not care what anyone thinks, and that is okay. However, this article was written for individuals who are looking to educate themselves on how they can handle their personal finances efficiently. Therefore, the information shared here serves as a guide on how to effectively utilize your money, so it can serve you better.

While there are lots of things you shouldn’t do with your money, it is up to you to ultimately…

You won’t know if you don’t invest

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Well, which is it? Is this really a yes or no question? To be frank — Yes, investing can make you a millionaire overnight. And No, because investing requires patience for you to become an overnight millionaire. This article is written not to get your hopes high (or down), but to identify and remove some misconceptions you may have about investing.

I read a tweet one time about a young man in his early 30s, who invested a huge amount of money in just one stock — Tesla ($TSLA). Now, his actions defy the principles and standards of stock investing…

Experience a debt-free life

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You can’t experience financial freedom if you remain stuck in your debt. Debt can prevent you from reaching your financial goals, like saving, investing, or buying a home. Being in debt can ruin the relationship you have with your friends and loved ones. They might end up not trusting you again because of your inconsistency with paying back. This can be a source of grief and stress, causing you to constantly worry about your finances and regret the limits debt has placed on your life.

The good news is that having debt isn’t a life sentence, and you can have…

Budgeting has never been made easier

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Budgeting is and should be a way of life. A budget is simply a roadmap that tells your money where to go each month. A budget enables you to be in the driver’s seat of how you spend your money, and what you spend your money on. Businesses, organizations, even governments rely on budgets to help them make effective financial decisions that can impact them. This is the reason why you need to have one — in order to stay financially independent or at least be in control of how your money is spent.

Creating a budget is definitely not…

A guide to help you begin your journey towards financial freedom

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You have just made a new year resolution on being more responsible for personal finances, but you don’t know how to go about it. Perhaps I can indulge you with an ultimate guide centered on providing you with the proper foundation for financial education. Making a decision to budget and save, can help improve your financial life. Having a budget will help you make effective financial decisions, and can truly transform your financial life. With budgeting in place, you can easily start saving which would enable you to live out a financially free future.

Whether you are a novice or…

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