Alibaba: The Work Ethics That Made All The Difference

Wilson Texas
2 min readJul 13, 2018
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Summary: Alibaba is Chinese giant that is increasing its global presence.

So I was compelled by my colleagues at Flutterwave to watch a short film about the humble beginning of Jack Ma with Alibaba and I was intrigued by my findings. Quick question: what is the work ethic that made all the difference? what difference is that? well, allow me to share something you already know but forgot its importance.

While I was watching the film, all I could see was a company that had and maintained Integrity. This quality didn’t just come from saying it but by slowly acquiring it. What enhances integrity is a core ethic brother of integrity called Perseverance(persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success).

Now, I know you’re gonna say: but Wilson, this is the essential ingredient of every successful company, why is Alibaba’s different?I’ll tell you this; despite the huge challenge they faced while overcoming ebay in China, they had to input a culture factor. They had to influence that culture in their relations with customers and clients in China.

Alibaba’s culture factor was based on the careful study of the core values of their environment(China) and imputing those values in their way of doing business, slowly innovating in its culture factor in order to improve the way they render services to its customers. Jack Ma made sure that every employee clearly understood what the company’s goals are, and this made them to work single-mindedly; thus bringing that single knowledge to the outside world.

I have a question for you: If you decide to input the same culture of this company or any company for that matter into yours, will your business grow? What if you instead decide to learn more about your environment your business is in, in order to better understand its culture, then you input that knowledge into your business as its core values? What if you train your employees to everything your company is about so they have a clear and complete knowledge on what your company is offering, wouldn’t that make all the difference?

So now you know the work ethics: Perseverance, Integrity and better understanding of environment’s culture. What will you do with what you know?



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