Interests Vs Passions (Part 1)

Wilson Texas
3 min readApr 26, 2021

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Guess what? Last week, I joined a “That’s what she said” facebook group (yes, some of us still make use of the app… Lol). It’s a group where memes are shared and jokes are made from the TV series — The Office. I joined mostly because I’ve enjoyed watching the series, and their memes are always funny. But does my interest in the series mean that I would like to be a comedian or an actor? No. So we can both agree that I am not passionate about that yeah? Yes.

Can we have interests and not passions? Can our interests later become passions? Where do passions come from? Let’s start with simple definitions of the terms. An Interest is simply a quality that attracts your attention and makes you want to learn more about something or to be involved in something. A Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. From their definitions, we can see that both actually mean the same thing but with different feeling variation (a stronger feeling is attached to passion than to interests).

But let’s talk about interests for a second though. How do you even know your interests? Like how do I know I’m good at something when I don’t even know what that thing is? Well, can you see fam that you’ve kinda answered your question? The best way to know you’re good at something or to find your interests is to go looking for it. What does this mean Wilson? It’s simple. How did you know you are good in drawing? Fine art classes. How do you know you’re good at volleyball? Inter house sports competition. How do you know you suck at maths? You’ve had so many lessons but it just don’t stick.

That’s how it is with interests. It’s trial by error really. But then again there is no error because no knowledge is truly a waste. You may not like Maths but you understand the concepts. The point is, you can only find out what your interests are when you are willing to try new things and explore different opportunities. What’s fun when doing this is getting to do it at your own pace with less pressure from society. This means that being young with less responsibilities (like bills and taking care of a family) can be the best time to explore those opportunities.

So {{first_name}}, just in case you don’t know what your interests are, now you know a method that can help you source them out. And if you ever struggle with managing different interests, last week’s newsletter can help you figure out how. Also, look forward to next week’s where I’d share how to know what interests to focus on for the long term.

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What to watch: I had an amazing time watching this conversation with Steven Furtick and Bishop T.D. Jakes in his book launch — Don’t Drop The Mic. I have so many quotes from his sermon that it has to be a newsletter on its own to be able to process the full meaning of it…..Lol.

More to watch: Mortal Kombat — I’ve always enjoyed the different story lines of this franchise that I watched 8 to 11 hours of the video game version of the story on facebook. I enjoyed every bit of this movie, and I’m looking forward to a sequel.

The Office — My good friend Chinenye recommended this one. And while I disliked it at first cos it made me feel uneasy at the beginning, I’ve found myself looking forward to every episode. That’s to tell us that one shouldn’t judge or conclude about the purpose of a thing at its beginning.



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